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Installation of Robot Race software

Friday 20 January 2006, by Eric P.

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Robot Race is a Windows application. Sorry for you, *nix fans, but that’s life. Although I’ve not sold my soul to Bill, it just happens that I’m far more proficient in Doz programming than in *nix.

For the Java side of the problem, until a decent dynamics engine written in Java will be available, there will be no Java version of Robot Race neither. By the way, I’ve been told that Java 3D was far from performant (I didn’t check this however)

Since I’m a nice guy, I’m working on the possibility to provide controlers as a Java class. But it’s not yet done.

Robot Race is provided as a standard Windows installer, conforming to commonly accepted standards. The package includes :
– the application (surprisingly đź™‚
– a sample race file
– a sample controller with its source, written in C
– a controller allowing keyboard control of the vehicle (arrow keys and space bar), with its Delphi source
– standard conforming uninstaller

Note : the installer can be downloaded from the french version of this page

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